Callsara can provide interim CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s as well as middle management positions that may be required on a short or long term assignment or for a specific project.

To deliver on their business’ strategies, management needs to be supported by a creative, flexible and experienced support that delivers predictive insight and analysis, while at the same time continually increasing efficiency, control and compliance.

Policy formulation

A successful business requires policies to guide decisions and standardise operational practices. Policies should be specific and simple to follow yet have some flexibility so they can be applied to various sectors of the business. Callsara’s consultants have the experience and expertise to create stand alone policies through to whole of business policy framework. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Resource optimisation

These resources can include employees, technology and equipment. Managers who are able to effectively manage resources can minimise production downtime, enhance productivity and ultimately improve profits. Mitigating the impact of scarce resources and maximising the use of available resources is one of the most pressing requirements of corporate leadership.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) duties

What does a CFO do?

They provide you with insightful and considered financial advice and options to enhance your business’s performance. They provide strategic and tactical financially based decisions. Whilst CFO’s may be accountants, the transactional accounting is performed by other members of your financial support team.

Callsara can provide CFO services to your business. Our CFO’s have multinational and local experience, listed and unlisted.

Administration coordination

Connecting various portions of a business through communication, meetings and organized processes is required in every business. Managers help establish the communication framework and coordination activities. Accurate coordination can help balance the needs of the business with production levels, financial schedules and obtain information technology resources for vital business projects.

Finance and compliance

Managers establish budgets and financial projections for the business. Managers also work to maintain spending and expenses within budgetary guidelines. The level of financial responsibility and duties is largely tied to the specific function a corporate manager fulfils.

Business and Financial modelling

The most common benefit from generating financial models is for business evaluation, scenario preparation for strategic planning, cost of capital calculations for corporate finance projects, capital budgeting decisions and the allocation of corporate resources.