Interim management executives are appoint to manage strategic projects for the business in the short to mid-term. Interim management can aid with particular projects or the overall strategy and growth of the business.

Do you have a project, transaction or challenge but lack ‘band-width’ or internal resources within your business to deliver the best outcome?

Examples of Interim Management

An interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can assist with strategic development of the finance function. This could include better reporting, streamlining the function, identifying strengths and weaknesses within the finance function.

An interim Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) can assist with change management through a turnaround or transformation project for the business. This could include overseeing the entire project to enable its successful implementation through to developing the strategy for the executives to implement.

An interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can assist with the transition of a previous CEO to a new one, developing and implementing a new ‘whole of business’ strategy or, ensuring steady operations during times of distress.

How can we help?

We provide professionally qualified, experienced consultants to businesses which have a short to medium term need for technical expertise, surge capacity and/or independence and objectivity.

Callsara’s consultants bring the experience of working with a diverse range of companies, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations. They have worked through the most challenging of circumstances and bring an understanding of the urgency to required in comprehending complex issues, identifying opportunities and instigating change quickly.

Our consultants have strong diagnostic and project management skill sets which combined with their broad business experience assists businesses to achieve project success. Experience that can be classified as outside the day-to-day experience of many contemporary management teams.

Callsara’s consultants know how to quickly embed themselves into the existing management structure of an organisation to begin making an impact and delivering outcomes from day one.