Management Systems Review & Assessment

When is an IT or management systems review needed?

Many businesses have a reactive approach to their IT needs which is usually driven when there is a competitive or operational imperative presented to them. This immediate imperative drives the level of activity and planning needed. Callsara takes a different approach to this.  In order for business not to just survive but thrive, IT needs to be an integral part of the business planning. We approach our assessments on a holistic approach, keeping in mind the focus areas in the business and its position within its market.

Callsara offers a arrange of purpose fit services including:

Management Systems review

Our services focus on areas of REC (Risk, Efficiencies, & Costs). Our assessment of your technology platforms, systems and processes will broadly identify areas of concerns and risk.

We provide you with an outcome-based report outlining any suggests initiatives strategies and IT projects to alleviate the most or all of the identified risks.

System Health Checks

ERP Audit Reviews

Need to comply with corporate governance? ERP Audits provide executives with a the level of comfort that appropriate risk and security issues are managed. We recommend that business these days undertake periodic ERP Audits.

IT Systems Strategic Planning

Most businesses accept that planning is key to the success of any organisation. Without planning business tends to operate on a “fix as we go” attitude.  IT is no different. CTO’s and CIO’s are increasingly under pressure to plan and develop future Management Systems strategies and roadmaps. No planning means no vision and no vision leads to poor business outcomes and potential IT disasters including cost blowouts and operational failures.  Some of the reasons may resonate with you below:

  •          Reactionary rather than preventative attitude towards problem fixing
  •          IT infrastructure or budget constraints
  •          Inability or inefficient timing on business requirements delivery
  •          The “resource crunch” – no time to do spend on strategic projects properly
  •          Poorly aligned systems policies that impact the efficiency of the business systems
  •          Silo based management decisions without consulting IT
  •          Lack of motivated and skilled staff

Advisory and Consultancy services

Change Management

Change management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to strive organisational changes and success.

Change Management are often required in the following circumstances:

  •          Undertaking of new projects or initiatives
  •          Addressing of key issues in a business
  •          Lack in systems effectiveness and processes
  •          Organisational changes
  •          Technology changes
  •          Environment & political changes

A structured approach is followed in managing change for supporting individuals to embrace changes within the organisation and to transition from their current state to the desired or planned future state.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

An Expression of Interest or EOI is often used for advertising or requesting participants to participate in an area of need for a business.  EOI gathers information about people, systems, functional delivery and ability to provide businesses with the desired outcomes. The format of an expression of interest will depend on the requirement needed.

Callsara offers full consultancy services in creating IT EOI documents, assisting in the process from recruiting candidates to selection of successful business partners for your strategic projects.

ERP Consulting Services

  •           Scoping & Design 
  •           On demand consultancy
  •           Implementations
  •           Gap analysis
  •           Automation & Efficiencies
  •           Business Intelligence