Many organisations can struggle to either grow or realise the market value of their business. By purchasing either a competitor or a business that provides complimentary products or services is one method for fast-tracking business growth. Conversely, selling your business may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to realise and maximise your return on your efforts over the years.

Whether you are looking to sell or purchase a business or just looking guidance Callsara consultants can help you. Callsara consultants have significant experience in Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) and divestments. The best outcomes are achieved from early planning and consistent adherence to a well thought out and considered plan.

Callsara’s consultants have global experience but understand everything happens at the local level. They can navigate through complexities to find an effective outcome. For more information contact us.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Callsara offers a diverse program for the execution of M&A and divestment activities through covering all the major requirements of a successful merger, acquisition and divestment project. This is backed by experience and industry knowledge across a number of jurisdictions, domestically and globally.

Strategic advisory

Whether you need help to buy or sell a business or raise capital, our analysis and advice is rigorous and independent.

When planning for a business merger or acquisition ideally you begin preparation usually up to two years before a planned transaction to consider whether a business is ready for disposal, identifying the areas requiring separation and areas of vulnerability that can affect value.

Transaction management

Callsara’s consultants provides quality and impartial advice to companies seeking to raise new finance.

We assist management teams to prepare a detailed picture of how they plan to grow their business. Potential equity investors and debt providers will require this information before they proceed. We will assist in negotiations held between the company, the shareholders and selected financiers to reach agreement on the actual timing and structure of the debt or investment structure.

Due diligence

Callsara consultants provide support through the sale/purchase process, working closely to protect value, manage risk, recommending solutions to challenges identified during the due diligence process.

Having worked on a large number of transactions across a broad range of industries and jurisdictions providing a deeper understanding and insight into the requirements of both corporate and private equity bidders, and their financiers.

Integration and structuring

Combining established business entities either through merger or acquisition is no easy task. Defining the correct operating architecture is critical to effective integration and supporting the new business operating model. This includes having a clear understanding of major applications, information management, business intelligence and technology infrastructure. Knowing the capabilities, high-level processes, key information assets and reporting information including high-level ‘people’ aspect of the integration.

With Callsara working with you the strengths of the combined entities are developed into a new a streamlined unified entity.

Sale and Purchase Agreements

The financial, accounting and tax aspects of an acquisition or merger can have a significant impact on the value of a transaction. The right advice when working through the accounting and tax implications is critical to protecting both sides from any adverse consequences.

Working closely with tax and legal advisors, we can assist in developing contractual solutions to commercial issues and mitigate any transaction disputes before they arise.

Closing transactions in the new normal

The ability to do due-diligence the traditional way will be challenged in the way we can travel and interact. We foresee transactions continuing and increasing but potentially with new emphasis on contract representations and warranties.

One thing with think will become fashionable again is M&A insurance. This provides an ability for a buyer or seller to reduce their exposure to claims against the representations and warranties contained in the sale documentation to protect against losses arising due to the seller’s breach of certain of its representations in the acquisition agreement.