Business transformation completely reshapes business strategy and processes. This is often accompanied by a significant shift in a business’s culture. In essence, the business’s DNA changes and adapts to the new paradigm. Business transformation is a natural process for businesses in general. While the business has been operating well through it’s history, it is important to ensure that it is in the best position to continue operating optimally in the future.

Why transform a business?

Business transformation may be a response to extreme or unexpected market changes, or internally generated by a desire to go in a different direction. For instance, a shift in consumer buying behaviour would necessitate a retail business to transform their sales delivery process. As with all change, transformations needs to be well planned and executed. In other words, when undergoing a transformation, it is best to have the support of expert consultants aiding you.

Some examples of transformational change include:

  • Implementing major strategic and cultural changes due to changing business environment
  • Adopting radically different technologies to be more competitive
  • Making significant operating changes to meet new supply and demand environments
  • Reforming product and service offerings¬†to meet unexpected competition and dramatic reductions in revenue

Who is responsible for the business transformation?

Transformational change starts at the top. Executives of the business, and other key stakeholders, must be willing to be the key sponsors of the desired (required) change. This is supported by line management, working with the executives, to direct and implement the transformation. A process like this requires the buy-in of key stakeholders to ensure a seamless process. Whilst the transformation is happening, the business will need to continue operation, therefore, it is paramount to have the buy-in of the line managers as well.

Callsara’s consultants have decades of experience planning and executing transformational change. This experience ranges from start-ups through to multi-billion dollar corporations. They will work with your executives and management to help scope, design and implement the business transformation. Contact us for a confidential discussion on what we can do for your organisation.