What is a ‘Business Turnaround’?

A turnaround is where a business that is under performing over a period time, usually exhibited by financial stress is “turned around”.

Turnaround Management helps to improve the results and performance of a business. This not just for companies in immediate financial distress. It can apply in a number of other scenarios, for example, those not realising their true potential, those with succession issues, capital issues or shareholder issues.

In fact., a company can face financial distress as a result of a number of factors – market failure, changes in demand from consumers, poor management decisions, and even fraud. This presents a unique set of challenges to management to turn looming failure into sustained growth and profitability and requires specialist turnaround consultants to assist in the process.

Callsara’s business turnaround consultants are pragmatic, hands-on and multi-disciplined professionals. We are not there to shut the business down; our goal is to find ways to save it.

Our team have a wide range of industry experience, professional training and skills. Through our experience, we know what to do to turn the situation around and get the business stabilised.

Too often intervention by turnaround professionals comes too late to reverse or prevent actions being taken by secured lenders or aggrieved creditors that lead to catastrophic results for the business.

Callsara Consulting is not an insolvency firm. We have people who have worked alongside insolvency practitioners and understand the process. We do have trusted practitioners we work alongside. Contact us for more information.

Indicators of Business that may need a turnaround specialist

Business owners and managers who are managing business distress will encounter similar emotional stages: denial, anger, avoidance, depression, and finally acceptance. The last stage is when most engage turnaround professionals; unless they are forced to do so earlier by a lender, equity sponsor, or other stakeholders. The earlier the turnaround specialist is engaged, the quicker the business turnaround can start.

Most businesses in distress display more than one of these external and internal signs of trouble:

  • Explosive uncontrolled growth
  • Overunder diversification
  • Precarious and disgruntled customers and suppliers
  • Market forces
  • Operating without a business plan
  • Ineffective management style 
  • Lack of operating controls
  • Weak financial function
  • Poor lender relationships
  • Family disputes

Business owners who recognise and acknowledge the signs of trouble and get help in the earlier stages have a much better chance of a successful recovery and positive revitalisation of the business.

The types of issues we can provide solutions to are:

The 3 R’s of a Turnaround


Wide-ranging short-term actions, to reduce financial losses and stabilise the business.


Investigation into new products, entering new markets, exploring alternative sources of revenue and modifying the image, culture or the mission of a business.


Pursuing long-term actions, step by step, for successful performance and continued growth for the business.

A key outcome is the design and implementation of an effective feedback loop to ensure the renewal is performing as expected.

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